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NTUA x NAFA Collaborative Concerts went successfully


The First International Cooperation of the Arts Alliance of International Rainbow, Arts AIR

Faculty and students from the NTUA Wind Ensemble and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) Wind Orchestra showcase their musical talents across two collaborative concerts in Singapore in March. NTUA and NAFA are also initiative members of the Arts Alliance of International Rainbow, Arts AIR. The alliance is established to make the arts a social practice through exchanging higher arts education and Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs of the United Nations.

This 6-day teaching relocation includes wind ensemble concert, chamber music concert, master classes, course observation, and the visit to the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music of the National University of Singapore. We endeavor to provide opportunities for international music collaboration and performance and to build up the confidence and experience of young musicians. The joint performances were vibrant, and the academic friendship built among the participants was imaginably precious.


Huang Ti (黃荻), Professor in Clarinet, Head of the Music Department, NTUA

Wu Chih-Huan (吳志桓), Assistant Professor in Saxophone, NTUA

Hou Chuan-An (侯傳安), Assistant Professor in Trumpet, NTUA

Ilhun Jung, Assistant Professor in Voice, NTUA

Liang Wan-Yun (梁婉筠), Composer

Joost Flach, Head of Winds, NAFA

Zechariah Goh, Head of Composition, NAFA

Jessica Chen, Head of Vocal Studies, NAFA

Nicholas Loh, Senior Lecturer, NAFA

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